Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Poetry, Perfume and Picaresques

I very rarely post publicity, but because the posters are so beautiful, and "real life" shows are an essential part of what I do as a writer, I'd like to share these two events. Penning Perfumes comes to Oxford on 21 February as part of a national tour (you can book tickets here). It is a wonderful project, whose 2012 tour attracted a lot of attention in the national press, in which poets are sent anonymous samples of perfume ad write what teh scent inspires them to, and perfumers blend scents from poetry - and then an audience experiences both. I'm thrilled to be partof it.
Some of These Things Are Beautiful is my first ever solo show, at Cheltenham Poetry Festival on April 24th. It is is a lyrical, heartbreaking, but ultimately joyous picaresque across the neon-soaked night cities of the world in search and celebration of lost friends. With influences from Patti Smith and Gregory Corso to Amy Winehouse and The Kills, Some of These Things Are Beautiful is a memoir and a tribute to lives lived short, fast, and full. For people who have forgotten how to live for the moment and how to connect with each other, and a poetic tradition full of family and love that has forgotten how to write about friendship, this show carries a simple warning: cherish the friends you have while you have them. Because one day they will be gone, and all you will be able to do is try and fail to write poetry about how you wish you’d loved them more. You can book tickets here.

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