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I have been writing, self-publishing, and performing since 2008. You can find out all about me and my books at my personal website. This site exists to help and inspire writers who want to self-publish because they care about creating great content and/or pushing the boundaries of their art without any commercial consideration. Some advice will be about reaching an audience. Some will be passionate rhetoric aimed at the media. Some will be reposts from various other places. All of it will be devoted to making sure that when people talk about self-publishing they remember it's not just a home for the entrepreneurial but for those who care so deeply about literature they want to explore it free from all strictures and share their passion with the world, a home for those who want the freedom to experiment and fail, to be unpopular, awkward, uncommercial, and downright demonised.

This website is designed to inspire and to help self-publishers who connect with that. You can catch up with me like this:
e-mail eightcutsgallery@gmail.com
my website
on twitter
videos of me reading poetry on my YouTube
my facebook page
my other, random blog

And you can get hold of my books for Kindle UK (just change .co.uk to .com for Amazon)
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall
The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes

short stories
Ode to Jouissance
(life:) razorblades included

Last Man Out of Eden

I am proud to be the curator of eight cuts gallery literary project and MC of its touring spoken word show The New Libertines.

I am delighted to be part of the following collectives and groups:
Authors Electric
Stella Link's League of Extraordinary Authors
The Alliance of Independent Authors

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